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NSD-S HUB Mission

A Meeting room for Peace and Stability

It has been understood for some time that good communication is the basis for positive, long-term relationships. Trust and confidence can only be built if all parties involved feel free to express their opinions, suggestions and concerns in an environment surrounded by individuals with the same communicative approach. Perhaps even more important, however, is listening, since being heard is absolutely necessary for one to believe they are understood. Obtaining and maintaining peace is the fundamental goal of NATO which firmly believes that such open, bilateral communication is intrinsically linked to its achievement.
With this in mind, the NATO Strategic Direction-South Hub (NSD-S Hub) initiative was devised and formally brought into existence in September 2017, reaching full capability in July 2018. Prevention is always preferable to cure, and long-term stability can be achieved by effective horizon scanning to better understand, anticipate, limit or even resolve challenges. The Hub acts as a meeting room for the achievement of this goal by being a conduit for open information sharing. It is a ground-breaking forum which connects NATO allies and partners with subject matter experts (SME) from local and regional institutions including universities, research centers and non-governmental organizations from North Africa, the Middle East, Sahel and Sub-Saharan Africa so that all matters pertaining to the south can be better discussed, understood and, whenever possible, remedied.

An old African proverb states, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” On this basis, the HUB adopts a holistic, collaborative approach at all times so that independent local knowledge and experience is genuinely heard, replacing what might often have been a well-intended but sometimes pre-conditioned perception, with a more accurate awareness brought about by an attentive inclusion of all relevant parties. The unique role of the Hub is to connect allies, partners and international, non-governmental and civil organizations by creating fluid dialogue resulting in universal understanding, trust and stability.

Connect – Consult – Coordinate

The Hub aspires to:

  • Connect: creating connections where previously only barriers have existed.
  • Consult: improve the consultation process so that all those involved feel at liberty to contribute while trusting that they will be heard.
  • Coordinate: pro-actively assist NATO to better coordinate with its Allies and partners in the south in order to achieve the desired safe, secure and stable environment.

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