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Challenges and opportunities for conflict prevention and the achievement of greater security. NATO's support to the efforts of regional actors.

25 February 2022 at 10:49 | Middle East

Maritime and Energy Security in the Gulf

NATO-ICI Regional Center and the NSD-S Hub held a joint Study Day to discuss Maritime and Energy Security in the Gulf.

Maritime and Energy Security in the Gulf


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The governmental Vacuum in Lebanon

[ © The Institute for National Security Studies ]

 Michel Aoun ended his term as Lebanon’s President before any replacement was selected. Once again, this led to a governmental vacuum, which is more serious now than in the past because the present government is a transitional government. The current composition of Parliament, which is responsible for choosing the president, and the internal disputes among its members make it difficult to agree on and select a candidate.  

Protests and Drones Push EU-Iran Relations to the Brink

[ © Istituto Affari Internazionali ]

 The protests that have jolted Iran’s clerical leadership over the past weeks, as well as news of Iran’s drone and missile sales to Russia, raise questions that EU policymakers and foreign policy analysts have been struggling with for years: how stable is the Islamic Republic? How to support protesters? And how to reconcile condemnation of the crackdown on demonstrators and the need to react to Iran’s uncovered support for Russia’s war effort in Ukraine?