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conflict resolution & security

Challenges and opportunities for conflict prevention and the achievement of greater security. NATO's support to the efforts of regional actors.

27 March 2023 at 14:49 | Africa, Transnational

Report on Webinar Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea

This webinar looks into the UN Security Council Resolution 2634, and the ways in which the international community and NATO could better support Maritime Security in the region.

Report on Webinar Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea


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  Weekly readings

Reading of the Week: Policing Search and Rescue NGOS in the Mediterranean

[ © Center For European policy Studies ]

 The policing of civil society actors conducting Search and Rescue (SAR) operations in the Mediterranean Sea has exposed long-standing unresolved controversies that reveal responsibility evasion strategies by some EU Member States which are incompatible with their obligations under international human rights, refugee, and maritime law. They also contradict the EU’s foundational principles, chiefly those related to the rule of law and justice.  

Irans Nuclear Endgame Warrants a Change in U.S. Strategy

[ © The Washington Institute ]

 International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors recently discovered that Iran had enriched uranium to 84 percent, just short of weapons grade. The revelation, acknowledged by Tehran, has underscored that a return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action—the nuclear deal completed in 2015 and exited three years later by the Trump administration—is unlikely. It has also raised fears about further escalation by the Iranian regime, such as refusal to cooperate with the IAEA or even withdrawal from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. But Tehran may have unwittingly done Washington and its partners a favor by dispelling the illusory notion that the nuclear issue could be “parked.” The steady expansion of Iran’s nuclear activities and the lapsing of JCPOA restrictions mean that the danger of continuing the stalemate has mounted by the day.