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The NATO Strategic Direction - South HUB (The Hub) Crest was designed to illustrate the Hub's core mission concepts. Each image and symbol is deliberate and the image as a whole represents the multi-dimensional functionality of the Hub.

To begin with, the insignia is round, with the words "NATO Strategic Direction - South Hub" inscribed around the outside to indicate the importance of the Hub within NATO. The connection between the two is completed by the presence of the NATO insignia as a watermark in the background.

The most eye-catching image, however, is the map of North Africa and the Middle East, since this is the focus area for the Hub, without any distinct borders. The Hub's primary goal is to contribute towards stability and peace throughout this region through greater understanding from a local perspective. Viewing the area as a borderless entity shows the desire to understand opportunities and challenges equally across the entire area.
At the heart of the insignia sits the JFCNP logo because the infrastructure and people of JFCNP represent the heart of the Hub and its mission for peace.