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Fight Against Terrorism

Terrorism poses a direct threat to the security of citizens and international stability. Our research examines trends in terrorism and its key drivers, while also exploring possible policies to address them.

12 July 2024 | Africa, Middle East

THE SOUTHERN TALKS #9 - Terrorist Financing, Cultural Looting and The Role of Social Media

Dr. Amr Al Azm discusses how the looting and selling of antiquities during conflicts can finance terrorist groups.

THE SOUTHERN TALKS #9 - Terrorist Financing, Cultural Looting and The Role of Social Media


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To Stop Israeli Attacks on Yemen, Enforce Sanctions on the Iran-Houthi Link

[ © The Washington Institute ]

 On July 20, Israel responded to a deadly Houthi drone attack in Tel Aviv with heavy airstrikes on the Yemeni port of Hodeida, destroying most of the site’s oil storage tanks. On one hand, this targeting choice reflects crucial gaps in the international community’s policy toward the group. On the other hand, Hodeida is also a crucial entry point for humanitarian aid, so targeting its infrastructure has negative repercussions for the Yemeni people.  

Securing Lebanon to Prevent a larger Hezbollah-Israel war and wider escalation

[ © American Task Force on Lebanon and The Middle East Institute ]

 As tensions between Israel and Hezbollah escalate, the specter of a full-scale war, with the potential to draw in the United States and Iran, demands the US’ immediate attention. The Biden-Harris Administration has tasked, in response, White House Senior Advisor Amos Hochstein with the responsibility of mediating efforts to de-escalate the conflict and bring stability to the Lebanon-Israel border