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Fight Against Terrorism

Terrorism poses a direct threat to the security of citizens and international stability. Our research examines trends in terrorism and its key drivers, while also exploring possible policies to address them.

19 October 2022 at 14:49 | Africa

The contagion of violent extremism in West African coastal states

Workshop report on the event 'The contagion of violent extremism in West African coastal states'.

The contagion of violent extremism in West African coastal states


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  Weekly readings

Somalia: Defection, desertion and disengagement from Al-Shabaab

[ © European Country of Origin Information Network ]

 The report provides background information and whenever available data about deserting and defecting pathways out of Al-Shabaab militant group. After distinguishing between the formal and the informal options, the report engages with the main challenges and consequences associated with them. Men, women, and children’s profiles, as well as forms of engagement with the group, are discussed as key determinants of potentially available pathways. Complementing this overview, which is based on research findings limited in scope and representativeness, the report relies on a pool of expert interviews which help shed some light on the unreported and underreported aspects of the issues at stake.  

Reading of the week: A Mothers Choice - Undocumented motherhood, waiting and smuggling in the Tunisian-Libyan borderlands

[ © Danish Institute for International Studies ]

 This paper contributes to the scholarship on gender and migration through empirical insights into motherhood while in transit and smuggling. It explores how undocumented, West African migrant mothers experience and navigate the temporal and spatial confinement of the Tunisian–Libyan borderlands, border enforcement and counter-smuggling policies confining them and their children to the limbo of indefinite waiting, danger, and uncertainty that they can, however, address through smuggling journeys.