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GENDER , Women Peace & Security

The role women play in resolving security issues and developing peace.  The NSD-S HUB works with regional actors to incorporate Gender perspective in the research and agenda setting.

11 February 2022 | Africa

Exploring strategies to address Conflict Related Sexual Violence.

Conflict Related Sexual Violence is often used against women as a weapon for achieving political & military goals. FemWise-Africa & the NSD-S Hub, discuss possible policy options to address the issue.

Exploring strategies to address Conflict Related Sexual Violence.


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  Weekly readings

Reading of the Week: Assessing the Job Creation Potential of the Social economy in the MENA Region


 The role of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) in the process of job creation and formalization of the informal economy has been understudied. This policy study aims to examine the issue of widespread youth employment in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and the mismatch between labor supply and demand to promote the creation of start-up businesses to formalize these enterprises.  

Women and Politics: Overcoming Barries of Political Representation in Somalia

[ © Heritage Institute ]

 Generally, Somali women have been under-represented at all levels of government administration since the Somali Republic was established in 1960. In 2012, As Somalia ended the transition period, women were promised 30% representation in all sectors of government. Yet this remains a gentlemen’s agreement and the gender quota remains excluded from the provisional constitution. This lack of incorporation of the gender quota is reflected in the uneven representation of women in parliament in the last three indirect elections, in 2012 (14% representation); 2016 (24% representation), and 2021/22 (20% representation).