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The NSD-S HUB was established at Allied Joint Force Command Naples in order to improve NATO awareness and understanding of common global challenges in the area of interest and to identify opportunities for cooperation with selected Partners, while contributing to the overall coordination of NATO activities and efforts. 

NSD-S HUB products are developed with open-source information from regional actors and experts, governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, international organizations, academic institutions, media sources and military organizations.

 NSD-S HUB adopts all reasonable measures to provide correct and up-date information but it cannot endorse and cannot guarantee the accuracy or objectivity of the used sources.

By design, NSD-S HUB products or links to open-sourced and independently produced articles do not necessarily represent the opinions, views or official positions of any other organization or individual nations. 

The intellectual property rights reside with NSD-S HUB and absent specific permission NSD-S HUB publications cannot be sold or reproduced for commercial purposes.