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Technology & Innovation

As with the rest of the world, the rapid evolution of technology has pervasive effects in Middle-Eastern and African societies. This section covers developments in emerging disruptive technologies (EDTs), their transformative impact and how they influence the regions' security landscape, actors and dynamics.

19 October 2022 at 15:37 | Transnational

MENA Space Capabilities and Security Challenges

MENA Space Capabilities and Security Challenges: Applications to Disaster Management

MENA Space Capabilities and Security Challenges


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Driving Digital Inclusion Within the AfCFTA Framework

[ © The Mediterranean Dialogue ]

 The COVID pandemic has brought into sharp relief Africa’s digital divide. COVID-induced lockdowns and restrictions on travel made it necessary for government and business meetings and conferences to be conducted virtually, via various online formats. Consumers bought online and, most importantly, schools and tertiary educational institutions moved their courses online.  

Exploiting cyberspace: International legal challenges and the new tropes, techniques and tactics in the Russo-Ukraine War

[ © Hybrid Centre of Excellence ]

 The Russian invasion of Ukraine saw new actors and novel activities exploiting cyberspace: Numerous non-state actors, hacker groups and commercial enterprises have entered the virtual battlespace without necessarily being belligerent entities. While states were already struggling with how to regulate activities in cyberspace, the new tropes, techniques and tactics have increased legal uncertainty.