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Technology & Innovation

As with the rest of the world, the rapid evolution of technology has pervasive effects in Middle-Eastern and African societies. This section covers developments in emerging disruptive technologies (EDTs), their transformative impact and how they influence the regions' security landscape, actors and dynamics.

20 November 2023 at 15:37 | Transnational

Artificial Intelligence: The Geopolitical & Security Implications

This fourth episode in our Southern Talks series is focused on the highly complex and timely topic of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: The Geopolitical & Security Implications


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A Target Product Profile for an Innovative Road Construction Technology Solution

[ © Center For Global Development (CGD) ]

 Target Product Profiles (TPPs) are a staple of the health sector. They are used to communicate client needs and requirements for products not currently available on the market, with information on how the new product will be used, by and for whom, and the minimum and ideal performance criteria. TPPs guide the industry to develop products that meet current needs. They are not intended to act as final procurement specifications, but rather as a list of desired requirements, which combined, describes the ideal product considering the context. Clients recognize that innovation is an iterative process and suppliers must balance sometimes competing requirements against product development progress.  

Toward Smart Sustainable Cities in the MENA Region

[ © Baker Institute for Public Policy ]

 Social, political, economic, and environmental changes have led to rapid urbanization and expansion of cities in Arab Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries, creating new opportunities, along with challenges, in the development and sustainability of cities. Emerging economic sectors in transportation, infrastructure services, and information and communication technologies will play a vital role in confronting the challenges.