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Technology & Innovation

As with the rest of the world, the rapid evolution of technology has pervasive effects in Middle-Eastern and African societies. This section covers developments in emerging disruptive technologies (EDTs), their transformative impact and how they influence the regions' security landscape, actors and dynamics.

07 February 2023 | Transnational

Energy Security Vs. Energy Transition: A Zero-Sum Game?

To better understand the balance between energy security and energy transition, the NATO-ICI Regional Center and the NATO Strategic Direction-South Hub organized a joint Study Day.

Energy Security Vs. Energy Transition: A Zero-Sum Game?


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Governing Outer Space: Legal issues mounting at the final frontier

[ © Danish Institute for International Studies ]

 The world has entered a second space age dominated by commercial actors and a new geopolitical struggle. While advances in technology and commercialization are moving at rocket speed, regulation is falling catastrophically behind. International space policy has so far been dominated by the world´s greater powers but there are now obvious steps Denmark and other small states can take to assume a more responsible stance in space governance.  

Striking Back: Iran and the Rise of Asymmetric Drone Warfare in the Middle East

[ © The Washington Institute ]

 Iranian drone strikes, as exemplified by the September 2019 attack against Saudi Aramco facilities, have jolted Middle East leaders and revealed Tehran’s long-range precision strike capabilities. The regime’s large and growing drone force, which can be used for reconnaissance or strike missions, now poses an existential threat to the Gulf states and a direct threat to Israel, as does its formidable missile force.