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Socio Economic

This section examines the socio-economic trends and developments in the region and how they influence the regions, and vice-versa. It contains research on the dynamics in economies and societal trends.

03 October 2023 at 10:39 | Africa, Transnational

THE SOUTHERN TALKS #3 - China in Africa

Dr. Alex Vines OBE discusses the highly complex topic of China in Africa.

THE SOUTHERN TALKS #3 - China in Africa


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Economic Injustice is Anchoring Itself in the Arab World

[ © Carnegie Middle East Center ]

 Socioeconomic discontent has been rising in several countries of the Middle East and North Africa. In 2019, there was a surge of protests in these countries, including Sudan, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Jordan, and Algeria, which did not experience the Arab uprisings of 2010–2011. Beyond calling for changes in their political systems, protesters demanded a comprehensive overhaul of their economic systems as well, denouncing soaring prices, wealth disparities, elite capture of resources and rent streams, and the absence of economic justice.  

The Sepah: Guardian Of Its Self-Interests Since 1979

[ © Clingendael ]

 In September 2022, the death of Mahsa Amini marked a major turning point for Iran. Her death sparked nationwide protests that rapidly evolved from calls to discard controversial hijab regulations to calls for the overthrow of the Islamic Republic. The Clingendael blog series Iran in transition explores power dynamics in four critical dimensions that have shaped the country’s direction since: state-society relations, intra-elite dynamics, the economy, and foreign relations.