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Socio Economic

This section examines the socio-economic trends and developments in the region and how they influence the regions, and vice-versa. It contains research on the dynamics in economies and societal trends.

13 July 2023 at 15:20 | Africa, Middle East, Transnational

Energy Security - The Changing Geopolitical Landscape

New investment priorities regarding energy operations and the effects of divergent energy transition policies

Energy Security - The Changing Geopolitical Landscape


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  Weekly readings

Reading of the Week: Online child sexual exploitation and abuse in West Africa

[ © ENACT Africa ]

 This policy brief examines the prevalence of online child sexual exploitation and abuse (OCSEA) in Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire and Cape Verde, highlighting key risk factors. Data on OCSEA indicates an acceleration in uploads since 2019. The case studies reveal gaps and shortcomings in victim identification, protection and prosecution. Urgent action is required to prevent devastating consequences for individuals in West Africa.  

Strengthening the Capacity to Reduce Africas Vulnerability to Climate and Weather Disasters

[ © African Development Bank Group ]

 With increasing frequency of disasters and consequent damages, the need for high-quality, accessible and timely information on the likelihood and impacts of hydrological hazards cannot be overemphasized. ClimDev Africa Special Fund (CDSF) facilitates the development and use of climate services to effectively address the growing challenges of climate and weather disasters in Africa. The Fund has contributed to strengthening the capacities of regional, national, and local institutions as well as communities to enhance monitoring, forecasting and early warning systems.