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The NATO Strategic Direction-South HUB (NSD-S HUB) was designed to increase NATO's understanding of the regional dynamics of North Africa, the Middle East, the Sahel, Sub-Sahara and adjacent areas. 

Through a network of local experts and organisations in the region, common challenges can be analysed and opportunities for cooperation can be identified. This cooperation contributes to the shared goal of promoting stability and security. 

If NATO's neighbours are more stable,
NATO is more secure

 Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General NATO



Horizon Scanning and Research 

The NSD-S HUB supports NATO by enhancing its understanding of the dynamics in Africa and the Middle East through cooperation with regional actors. This is achieved through horizon scanning and the identification of challenges and opportunities which influence security and stability. The NSD-S HUB also assists NATO in harmonising their activities in the South.

  Network of Regional Actors 

We work to integrate the regional perspective into the NATO mindset through providing insights and recommendations. We cooperate with local and regional actors such as subject matter experts, academia, think tanks, IOs, NGOs and other institutions. By jointly building and sharing knowledge and experience within the network, a comprehensive picture of the challenges facing the South can be developed. The overall objective is to provide a strategic-level lens to better foresee, anticipate and, where possible, address challenging issues for the benefit of all.

As NATO's focal point for Africa and the Middle East, we provide a forum to connect regional experts and organisations with NATO. To facilitate this we:

  • Organise Study Days and Seminars
  • Conduct and publish research reports
  • Assemble Daily News and Events
  • Collect the most relevant articles and reports on a weekly basis
  • Promote and share information with all those interested
  • Engage in networking


The NSD-S HUB focuses on North Africa, the Sahel, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, as well as adjacent areas, water and airspace.
We also include transnational trends which influence the regions at large.



The NSD-HUB was created following NATO's understanding that "If NATO's neighbours are more stable, NATO is more secure".
By connecting regional experts and organisations with NATO, all matters relevant to the South can be better discussed, understood and, whenever possible, addressed.
Throughout, NATO remains fully committed to the principles of individual liberty, democracy, human rights and the rule of law.


During the NATO summit in Wales, the need became apparent for a dedicated focal point for NATO Member States in North Africa, the Sahel, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. The primary goal of this new entity would be increased understanding of the challenges stemming from the region and NATO's ability to address them in collaboration with local and regional experts and organisations.


At the Warsaw summit, the decision was taken to create the NSD-S Hub. The next steps revolved around setting out the requirements for this new initiative.


The year the NSD-S HUB became fully functional and started to establish a sustainable network of affiliated organisations, experts and NATO entities. 



Our main office is situated in Lago Patria,

near Naples, Italy.


+39 081 721 5107