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Weekly Security Readings

12 May 2022

Following on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic and severe drought in North Africa, the Russian invasion of Ukraine large exporters of food and, in the case of Russia, energy may inflict increased hunger on the food insecure in Morocco despite mitigating measures by the government.


5 May 2022

This update builds upon and refines the methodology of the ACAPS FSO Safer assessment from April 2021 (ACAPS 07/04/2021). It uses the International Maritime Organization (IMO) modelling for oil spill risk. The model includes four possible scenarios, but this update includes only the impact of the worst-case scenario. It uses Catapult and Risk aware modelling for the risk of an explosion on board the vessel.


28 Apr 2022

In many countries, myriad policy efforts and initiatives have been launched toward achieving the goal of Education for All. These include: grass-roots lobbying for the importance of schooling, political declarations for universal access to education, introduction of school fees abolition initiatives, and/or pro-poor education financing frameworks, among others (UNICEF, 2018, p.2).


21 Apr 2022

Several developments might encourage an arrangement that could lead to a different dynamic in Yemen. Chief among them are the establishment of a presidential council, an overall ceasefire, and the partial lifting of the air and sea blockade imposed on Yemen by Saudi Arabia. The recent territorial losses recorded by the Houthis, which prompted heightened attacks on Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, helped push the parties to a ceasefire. However, experience teaches us that the chances of reaching a long-term political settlement are not good.


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