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Middle East: The Role of Women in Conflict & Post Conflict Resolution 16 September 2022 at 12:25 | Middle East | Socio Economic, Women Peace & Security

Middle East: The Role of Women in Conflict & Post Conflict Resolution

Workshop report on the event 'Middle East: the Role of Women in Conflict and Post Conflict Resolution'. The event brought together regional experts from the Middle East with academics and NATO policy makers.

تقاريرنا باللغة العربية 12 July 2018 | Africa, Middle East, Transnational | Fight Against Terrorism, Security & Conflict, Socio Economic, Technology & Innovation, Women Peace & Security

تقاريرنا باللغة العربية

قائمة بجميع تقاريرنا باللغة العربية

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Alternative Battery Chemistries and Diversifying Clean Energy Supply Chains

[ © Global Energy Center ]

 The energy transition from fossil fuels to low-carbon energy sources will stimulate great demand for energy storage. Batteries that can enable the clean electrification of light-duty transport and reduce the intermittency of renewable power on the grid will be a prerequisite for global decarbonization efforts. It is therefore vital that such technologies be deployed at a scale sufficient to meet the growing energy storage needs of the transition.  

Gender in Transboundary Water Policies

[ © Clingendael ]

 By looking into five large transboundary river basins, this chapter analyses the extent to which programmers and policies highlight and address gender equality in transboundary water governance, and whether they are effectively implemented or remain a lip service paid with limited impact. It shows that gender at the transboundary level remains either neglected or that “checking the gender box” prevails over genuinely addressing the complexity of the gender dimension.  

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The NSD-S HUB supports NATO in enhancing understanding of the regional dynamics in Africa and the Middle East. This is achieved through horizon scanning, and researching challenges and opportunities which influence security and stability. In addition, the NSD-S HUB assists NATO in harmonizing their activities in the South. .

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