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THE SOUTHERN TALKS #3 - China in Africa

Dr. Alex Vines OBE discusses the highly complex topic of China in Africa.

Africa, Transnational - Socio Economic - Format: PDF - Size: 0 Bytes - Date: Oct, 2023 - Pages: - Copyright: NATO Strategic Direction South HUB - Tags: Africa, Economy

The Southern Talks #3

China in Africa 

This third episode in our Southern Talks series is focused on the highly complex and timely topic of China in Africa

The video begins with an in-depth presentation by our esteemed guest and expert Dr. Alex Vines OBE, director of the Africa Programme at Chatham House. 

The second half  looks into more specific issues such as China’s foreign policies, its status in Africa and whether African agency is on the increase.

This Webinar lasts for an hour with the last 30 minutes dedicated to a Q&A section with all participants to the event. 

The video, available on YOUTUBE, is presented with Timestamps (in description). 

Key Talking Points 

  • The primary challenges facing the African Continent
  • Foreign actors' influence in Africa, with primary focus on China
  • African agency and the wish for “competition, not confrontation
  • China’s Mutual respect and Non-interference vs becoming more Assertive and Normalized 
  • China’s ability to selectively invest on the continent
  • The possible knock-on effects of the ‘credit crunch’ in China
  •  Interpreting Xi Jinping’s foreign policies 
  • China’s Prestige and Status in Africa today - is the honeymoon over?
  • The effects on China’s strength of Russia’s focus on the Ukraine War 
  • The possibility of a new Chinese military base/port on the continent
  • The most likely changes in China’s approach in the mid- to long-term
  • The Age of Multipolarity and African desire for it
  • Private Sector cooperation between the West and China

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