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The African continent is home to over 50 countries. Our main area of interests are North Africa, the Sahel and Sub-Saharan Africa. We also cover adjacent areas, water and airspace, such as the Gulf of Guinea and the Red Sea.


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  Weekly readings

Why West Africa and the Sahel are witnessing a resurgence in coups and political instability

[ © Arab News ]

 In the vast semi-arid expanse of West Africas Sahel, a series of military coups have dealt a heavy blow to the regions political stability and democratic transformation, and created a new era of uncertainty and insecurity.  

Promoting Diaspora Investment in Fragile Settings: The Case of Somalia

[ © Clingendael ]

 This policy brief analyses the extent to which diaspora investment can support economic development and livelihoods, with a particular focus on fragile settings. Using the case study of Somalia, the brief explores some of the main advantages and risks associated with this tool. On the one hand, diaspora investment can channel finance into productive activities in the diaspora’s country of origin, supporting the creation of revenue streams, while also generating returns for diaspora investors. On the other hand, particularly in fragile settings, these investments can also undermine social cohesion and even increase the likelihood of violent conflict, especially if they are channelled along identity lines.