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The African continent is home to over 50 countries. Our main area of interests are North Africa, the Sahel and Sub-Saharan Africa. We also cover adjacent areas, water and airspace, such as the Gulf of Guinea and the Red Sea.


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  Weekly readings

HIDDEN FIGURES: Women navigating a culture of exclusion in peace and conflict resolution processes

[ © Rift Valley Institute ]

 The representation of women, particularly in peace processes, often excludes women’s voices, their shared experiences, and their contributions. This can be seen in the limited recognition of women’s contributions in historical narratives and the frequent portrayal of women solely as victims and vulnerable.  

Grand Bassa and the 50/50 tax pilot: A brilliant idea, but...

[ © Norwegian Institute of International Affairs ]

 This research note examines the implementation of property tax in Liberia. Based on original fieldwork data, the note analyses taxpayers' perceptions of the new tax system in the light of their experiences with public services, development projects and the political system.