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Webinar on Africa - Obstacles to Opportunities

Save the Date for the 22 August webinar on: Africa - Obstacles to Opportunities.

WEBINAR. Africa has many opportunities to shape its future. Better understanding the obstacles – both old and new – to security, employment and equality will help determine the best ways forward. Join us to explore the following themes:

• What are the key obstacles to security, employment and equality in Africa?
• What are the key opportunities to these obstacles?
• What can NATO do to contribute to long-term development solutions to address these obstacles?
• With all the external global influences, how can Africa best preserve its identity while reducing these obstacles?

The NATO Strategic Direction – South HUB connects allies, partners, civil society and subject matter experts to better predict and prevent instability and insecurity. Make your voice, opinions and ideas heard by following the link below.
The chat forum will be open from 7am-7pm on 22 Aug (GMT). Moderators will engage between 11-15:30 (GMT). The link for the chat forum will be provided in advance. Stay tuned.


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