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webinar Gulf of Guinea: improving Maritime Security

How can we improve coordination on education, training and running exercises in the region?

Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea is critical for the region’s socio-economic development. Education, training and the running of exercises may help to improve local capacities and capabilities.
Stakeholders involved will benefit from a coordination and synchronisation of these activities, and thus contribute to the overall stability of the region.


11:45 - Channel Open (YouTube)
12:00 - Prologue
12:05 - Subject Matter Experts Weigh In
13:10 - Q & A
13:40 - Summary Of Audience Comments
13:50 - SMEs Recommendations to NATO
14:25 - Closing Words From NATO


- Dr. Abdourahmane Dieng - Head of Regional Security Division, ECOWAS

- CAPT Emmanuel Bell Bell (Cameroon Navy)- Head of Information Sharing, ICC

- RADM Boniface Konan (Côte d'Ivoire Navy) - Acting Director, CRESMAO

- CAPT Derrick Attachie (Ghana Navy) - Director Intel, Ghana Navy (former Head of Training, ICC)

- CAPT Dr. Kamal-Deen Ali (Ghana Navy, Ret.) - Director, CEMLAWS Africa

- Dr. Ife Oakafor-Yarwood (University of St. Andrews)

- Mr. Bud Darr (MSC Shipping Line) Head of Government Relations 


The Gulf of Guinea (GoG) is an important geopolitical chokepoint for the shipping and transportation of oil extracted in the Niger delta, as well as for goods to and from central and southern Africa. Piracy, armed robbery at sea, illegal fishing, smuggling, and trafficking, pose a significant threat to maritime security in the GoG, and ultimately to the economic development of the entire region.

The October 2019 Global Maritime Security Conference (GMSC) held in Abuja, Nigeria, reaffirmed the priorities, among others education and training, as well as the development of operational procedures, training standards and force interoperability. These are all considered success factors to enhancing maritime security in the GoG. A coordinating mechanism between stakeholders in education and training is paramount to ensuring the success of efforts designed to mitigate maritime threats, and vital to national, regional, and global approaches to enhance maritime security.

Therefore, the focus of this webinar will be the education and training aspects of the GoG region, focussing in on current training and education activities, training and education centres in the maritime security domain, their effectiveness, and potential tools or mechanisms that can be utilised to improve cooperation and coordination efforts.

This webinar is supported by Three Stones International.
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