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Perceptions of NATO in North Africa and SAHEL

Executive Summary

On January 29, 2019, the NATO Strategic Direction – South Hub (NSD-S Hub) and Three Stones International (TSI) held an online chat forum to discuss "Perceptions of NATO in North Africa and the Sahel." During the daylong event, NSD-S Hub personnel directly engaged with community and civil society leaders, including representatives from NGOs, think tanks, and academia from: Algeria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, DRC, Egypt, Ghana, Jordan, Kenya, Libya, Rwanda, Morocco, Nigeria, South Sudan, Sudan, and Tunisia. Additionally, participants from regional/global experts joined from: Azerbaijan, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Kosovo, Switzerland, Turkey and USA.

Webinar Process

In the spirit of building networks and relationships with local communities in Africa, NSD-S Hub held this forum to explore in depth and gain perspective regarding the perception of NATO in the NAS region. During the forum, a diverse group of participants from 14 African countries engaged.

The main questions that the webinar addressed were:

- How should NATO engage in the region?

- How do different communities see NATO involvement?

- How should NATO engagement be different than bilateral engagements?

- Which role does NATO have in capacity building in the region?

The impressions and opinions of the participants were unfiltered and spontaneous, in order to maintain the authenticity and provide freedom to challenge NATO actions and positions, with the aim of capturing the perspectives of the contributors.


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