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NSD-S Hub Webinar Report Digital Technology in Africa - Opportunities and Obstacles


Modern digital technologies are reshaping the planet; creating new ways to share information, communicate and build communities. ICT and the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” are transforming societies, businesses, institutions and mentalities around the world.
This modern shift has revealed positive and negative aspects when it comes to society and security in both developed and underdeveloped countries.
To support the NSD-S Hub research of the topic, a live video conference, in conjunction with secondary data review, an online discussion through Kialo , and a statistical survey were instrumental in understanding the region’s digital development and identifying which areas could benefit from NATO’s contribution and assistance.
Nine African countries participated in the live online dialogue. The panelists were subject matter experts in the fields of ICT, media & communication, security, law and human rights.
Further surveys collected data from 60 additional subject matter experts from 18 different African countries providing the NSD-S Hub with well-informed insight to the region.



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