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Weekly Security Readings 4 April 2019

"This document contains links to articles and/or press agency release from multiple open sources, agencies and academia. The contents, ideas or opinions in the document do not reflect NSD-S HUB or NATO views neither conform to the organization naming convention”




A Roadmap to Pragmatic Dialogue on the Iranian Missile Programme

European Leadership Network

Barely a week passes without a newsworthy mention of Iran’s missiles, regularly described as threatening, destabilizing and needing to  be urgently tackled. Yet little consideration is given to clarifying what is actually meant when discussing Iran’s missiles. A closer assessment reveals that Iran’s missile force consists of a diverse range of capabilities that ...

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G20-Africa Engagement: Finding a Roadmap to Shared Development

South African Institute of International Affairs - SAIIA

As a club of the world’s largest economies, the G20 determines the future of global economic governance. The G20 thus plays an important role in global rulemaking, beyond the individual interests of its members. Africa is significantly under-represented, with only South Africa a permanent member.

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South Sudan and the Collective Pain of Watching a Peace Agreement Struggle for its Life

The Sudd Institute

In September 2018, South Sudan’s various parties competing for the country’s leadership signed yet another precarious peace agreement under the auspices of East and Horn of Africa regional bloc, the Inter-Governmental Agency on Development (IGAD). Since then, the people of the war-battered country have been living between hope, fear, skepticism and despair, as the cycle of war, ceasefires and peace agreements, broken promises, and a possibility of returning to war, have driven most of them to ...

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Guinea-Bissau: Priorities for Long-term Stability

Institute for Security Studies - ISS 

In August 2015, about a year after elections that were widely viewed as credible and transparent, Guinea-Bissau President José Mário Vaz dissolved the government of Prime Minister Domingos Simões Pereira, plunging the country into political and institutional crisis.

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A New Dawn for MENA Firms: Service Trade Liberalization for More Competitive Exports

Economic Research Forum

With the ongoing debates on the Doha Agenda, micro-level empirical evidence has emerged to highlight the positive effect of services deregulation on the productivity and exports of manufacturing firms in developing countries. While the MENA region has been neglected in this literature so far, the current paper fills the gap by exploring the effect of service liberalization on the extensive and intensive trade margins of manufacturing ....

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The Failure of Palestinian Nationalism

Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies - BESA Center

The Warsaw Summit demonstrated that the popularity of the Palestinian cause continues to decline, suggesting that Palestinian nationalism has failed. Historically, the positive elements of Palestinian nationalism have been offset by its negative features, including reliance on antisemitism and negation of the "Other.” Pressures from above, in the form of Arab and Islamic identities, and tribal and clan pressures ...

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Dazed and Confused: Russian "Information Warfare” and the Middle East – The Syria Lessons

European Institute of the Mediterranean

On 7th April 2018, a chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma, on the periphery of Damascus, reportedly killed at least 70 people. The attack sparked indignation from the international community and caused American, French and British air strikes a week later, as it was attributed to the Syrian Army by these countries and non-governmental workers in Syria. 

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Profiting from Parity: Unlocking the Potential of Women's Business in Africa

The World Bank

Enterprise development is a crucial engine of economic growth and jobs creation. Without entrepreneurship, there would be little innovation, little productivity growth, and few new jobs. Over three-quarters of the African population believe that entrepreneurs are admired in their societies. Entrepreneurship is also seen by 76% of Africans as a good career choice. This is the highest rate ...

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Cybersecurity Futures 2025: Insights and Findings  

Berkeley Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity (CLTC)

One observation consistently made about the digital era is that when people and technology mix, the results are surprisingly hard to anticipate. This kind of uncertainty puts cybersecurity professionals at a structural disadvantage because it favors attackers over defenders and protectors. Looking to the future, at the intersection of people and digital technology, there is a gulf between the operational security on the agenda today and ...

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China Military Power Modernizing A Force To Fight And Win

Defense Intelligence Agency

China’s history dates back nearly five millennia. Historians credit the armies of numerous dynasties throughout those many centuries with unifying the early warring states, building the Great Wall, sending the fleets of early Ming Dynasty maritime explorer Zheng He to far-off foreign lands, and defending against foreign...    
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