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Weekly Security Readings

26 Aug 2020

How does the digital divide play out in Africa? As the world becomes increasingly connected through technology and digital innovations, technology is also being framed as a panacea for developmental issues. While technology has clear commercial value, its use for social good is more complex.


19 Aug 2020

Smuggling networks are at the heart of modern migration mechanics. While it is impossible to know for certain how many irregular migrants use the services of smugglers, it is increasingly recognised that the majority of the world’s 30 million migrants will have used them at some point in their journey. The human smuggling industry remains poorly understood and responses have largely adopted a criminal justice perspective, often backed by military power.


12 Aug 2020

In adopting its resolution 2253 (2015), the Security Council expressed its determination to address the threat posed to international peace and security by Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as Da’esh) and associated individuals and groups. Against the background of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, the report highlights a surge in ISIL activity in Iraq and the Syrian Arab Republic and among some of its regional affiliates.


5 Aug 2020

Discussions about youth have taken various forms in Africa, as this segment of the population grows exponentially, propelling government responses and policy interventions to meet the needs of young people. A coordinated response requires a shared understanding of key components such as youth participation and youth inclusion, which seem to take diverging paths in Africa. Certainly, the interpretation of these concepts may differ based on country contexts.



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