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Weekly Security Readings

6 May 2021

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent important benchmarks for human development. However, the COVID-19 pandemic hit countries’ development agendas hard. The ensuing recession has pushed millions into extreme poverty and has shrunk government resources available for spending on achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). What is the current state of play on funding SDGs in five the key development areas (education, health, roads, electricity, and water and sanitation)?


29 Apr 2021

Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, in 2020, revealed a continuity from previous years as well as new and emerging trends, particularly regarding the modus operandi of Pirate Action Groups (PAGs). The overview of 2020 incidents, the illustration of the threat dynamics, trends and increasing risks, will likely shape the dynamics for 2021. Also, recommendations should be made, to improve the conditions at sea and hence prevent and contain the piracy threat in the Gulf of Guinea.


22 Apr 2021

What do we know about Maritime Illicit Trades? The seas vast size makes them difficult to survey effectively, particularly when illicit flows can be hidden within or alongside legitimate maritime traffic such as that of fishing boats or cargo ships. The high seas are also subject to looser and more ambiguous systems of legal regulation than many territories under the control of individual states are, which lowers the risk of being captured and prosecuted for trafficking activities.


15 Apr 2021

The road map is organized around two phases: the first focuses on the key objectives to be achieved during the current political transition in Mali, which is expected to culminate in national elections; the second includes an outline of the major remaining challenges to be addressed following the completion of the political transition period, to allow MINUSMA to begin planning for a transition of security responsibilities and the progressive transfer of mandated responsibilities to the country team and national stakeholders, on the basis of a capacity mapping.


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