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Weekly Security Readings

3 Jun 2021

Does Africa need its own humanitarian agency? What’s AU stance on coups d’état? Beside those two, the May 2021 Peace & Security Council Report discusses the following topics: The Somali political crisis calls into question its transitional plan; The Marking the 1 000th PSC meeting; and the PSC interview with EU ambassador on ‘The EU’s engagement is built on finding African solutions’.


27 May 2021

What has worked to include people in humanitarian assistance who experience heightened vulnerability during crises, due to social inequalities and discrimination relating to gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, and sex characteristics; and religious belief? Overall, robust evidence is limited for what are, in most cases, relatively new areas of practice in challenging crisis situations.


20 May 2021

Challenges were encountered by the Joint Force of the Group of Five for the Sahel, and in the implementation by the G5 Sahel States of a human rights and international humanitarian law compliance framework. As requested by the Security Council in its resolution 2531(2020), an assessment of the implementation of para. 13 of resolution 2391 (2017) has to be made, including with regard to the human rights due diligence policy and the prospects of the G5 Sahel executive secretariat and the Joint Force improving their autonomy and setting up their own procurement system.


13 May 2021

In a few short years, the Southern African state of Mozambique was hit by two successive cyclones, plunged into a full-scale armed insurgency in Cabo Delgado in the north, and like the rest of world, is currently battling with the coronavirus pandemic. The situation in many of the other countries, which make up the SADC bloc, is different only in scale and intensity, underscoring a region caught in the throes of complex and often intractable socio-ecological challenges. This report explores and analyses the governance implications of uncertainty and accelerated change in the SADC region.


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