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Weekly Security Readings

1 Jul 2021

La région du Sahel est un bien public global, une terre de promesses et d'opportunités. Compte tenu de son positionnement géostratégique et de son énorme potentiel économique et naturel, il est impératif que le travail avec les populations du Sahel sur les questions de développement, de paix et de progrès durables devienne une priorité majeure pour tous les acteurs de la région. Ce rapport trace un bilan des tendances politiques, de paix et sécurité au Sahel.


24 Jun 2021

Like their counterparts in the rest of the world, African firms have been hit by COVID-19. The pandemic first impacted China, Africa's main trading partner, and then caused a collapse in demand in Europe and North America—important destinations for Africa's exports. To recover quickly and effectively, African businesses need to grow their productivity, finding space in the domestic and international markets. Innovation is key to enhancing firms' productivity and helping them bounce back.


17 Jun 2021

How are Niger Delta pirate groups structured and how do they operate on land at sea? Indeed, for the past five years, the focus of piracy activities in the Gulf of Guinea has shifted from pirate groups targeting vessels to steal oil cargo (petro piracy) to current Kidnap for Ransom (K&R) piracy. From politically motivated early militant groups, such as MEND, to modern-day criminal groups taking foreign crewmembers for ransom, piracy and maritime criminality has proven to be elusive to the many efforts to counter it.


11 Jun 2021

The international community must work to gain the momentum necessary to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 during the decade of action and delivery for sustainable development. It is particularly important at this point in time that countries use the COVID-19 recovery process as an opportunity for building back better by creating a strong foundation for sustainable development and enhanced resilience against future shocks.


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