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Weekly Security Readings

14 Jan 2021

Avec le développement de la crise sanitaire mondiale associée à la pandémie de la Covid-19, on pouvait penser que 2020 verrait un recul du nombre d'événements affectant la sûreté des espaces maritimes. Il n'en a rien été. Avec 375 actes de piraterie et de brigandage reportés, l'année écoulée s'inscrit dans la moyenne des cinq années précédentes.


7 Jan 2021

It has been a crisis like no other. To tackle the health emergency, countries had to bring economic life to a standstill during the Great Lockdown. This created the worst recession since the Great Depression. The IMF acted swiftly to help people and countries, while enormous uncertainty clouded the prospects for the global economy and the world continued to wrestle with the pandemic’s unknowns.


30 Dec 2020

Over the last two decades, UN peacekeeping operations have striven to protect civilians from physical violence. The protection of civilians (POC) is now based on a clear normative and policy framework, and its practical implementation relies on a number of innovative tools, tailored and multidimensional approaches, and the more proactive posture of peacekeepers. On a number of occasions, however, UN missions have failed to prevent or respond to threats despite being aware of the risk, receiving adequate warning of an attack, or being in the proximity when abuses were committed. Numerous reports and investigations into these incidents have highlighted shortcomings in performance and called for more accountability. Despite institutional ambitions, however, there is still limited accountability for the actors involved in protecting civilians.


23 Dec 2020

This report is about gender norms – the implicit informal rules about appropriate behaviour for people of different genders – that most people accept and follow. It is about the ways in which gender equality, women’s and girls’ rights, and the norms that shape the ability to claim those rights, have progressed over time. It examines how gender norms have changed in the 25 years since the UN’s Beijing Platform for Action on women’s rights was set out in 1995, and their role in progress and setbacks to achieving these rights.



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