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Weekly Security Readings

29 Jul 2021

Tackling violent extremism is complex, not least due to the diverse and context-specific factors associated with an individual's radicalization and recruitment to violent extremism. Therefore, responses to violent extremism must be multifaceted in nature and enlist the help of a wide range of partners that can provide additional resources, expertise, and experience, including civil society and the private sector. "whole-of-society approach" is now commonly used to recognize the insufficiencies of government-only approaches and the key contributions of nongovernmental actors.


22 Jul 2021

Climate change is changing the world of peace mediation and conflict prevention. It is doing so in three important ways: it is a new leverage point for cooperation; it is a source of future instability and uncertainty; and mitigation and adaptation can cause conflict. It is recognized that climate change is a risk multiplier and destabilizing force, particularly in the most vulnerable regions of the world. And it is getting much worse at a pace we are unable to predict in a timely manner, which is why global leaders, including the UN Secretary-General, are calling for immediate and substantial action.


15 Jul 2021

Across the world, but notably in Africa, instability and conflict continue to generate and exacerbate poverty and institutional fragility, which in turn decrease resilience and the prospects for peace. Conflict has many different causes, drivers and triggers. The challenges of conflict prevention and sustaining peace in Africa have to be studied from a perspective that is often overlooked, namely, the role of weak or failed public service planning and delivery as a source of instability and potential driver or trigger of conflict.


8 Jul 2021

The global community is at a critical moment in its pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). More than a year into the global pandemic, millions of lives have been lost, the human and economic toll has been unprecedented and recovery efforts so far have been uneven, inequitable and insufficiently geared towards achieving sustainable development. The current crisis is threatening decades of development gains, further delaying the urgent transition to greener, more inclusive economies, and throwing progress on the SDGs even further off track.


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