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Weekly Security Readings

11 Feb 2021

The African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) was an opportunity for African states to display strong political will to develop conflict prevention and resolution mechanisms, by establishing the Continental Early Warning System (CEWS) as one of the APSA’s five components. Yet the Early Warning and Early Action (EWEA) gap, at both continental (CEWS) and regional (ECOWARN) levels, remains substantial and affects the full operationalisation of the prevention agenda. Why have political decision-makers not implemented those preventive tools adequately? How can closer relationships between regional and continental EWS in Africa bridge the EWEA gap?


4 Feb 2021

Pendant la crise provoquée par la maladie à coronavirus (COVID-19), la menace que représente l’État islamique d’Iraq et du Levant (EIIL) s’est aggravée et risque de s’accentuer dans les mois à venir dans les zones de conflit, les retombées à long terme de la pandémie pouvant être mises à profit par ses affiliés dans la région qui se sont enhardis, ainsi que dans les zones de non-conflit, sous forme d’attaques résultant de la montée de la propagande en ligne durant la pandémie.


28 Jan 2021

The Reading of the Week explores challenges in ending and preventing grave violations and in strengthening the protection of children affected by armed conflict. It outlines the activities undertaken by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict in discharging her mandate, including by working with human rights entities and mechanisms, and the progress achieved in addressing grave violations against children.


21 Jan 2021

The COVID-19 crisis strengthens the role of digitalisation in contributing to Africa’s productive transformation and in fulfilling Agenda 2063, the African Union’s vision for the continent’s development. The digital transformation is expanding to almost all economic sectors, most rapidly to healthcare due to COVID-19. Moving forward, governments can drive Africa’s digital transformation and trigger large-scale job creation, including outside the digital sector, through four complementary actions.



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