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Weekly Security Readings

26 Aug 2021

African countries have an opportunity to embark on more interconnected trade in the wake of the new African Continental Free Trade Area. This theme of interconnectivity resonates with China's Belt and Road Initiative, a massive infrastructure and services expansion project that forms the centerpiece of President Xi Jinping's foreign policy. China is the African continent's largest bilateral trading partner. What opportunities will emerge from linking China's Belt and Road Initiative to Africa via the African Continental Free Trade Area? And what will be some of the challenges? This paper offers perspectives on current developments in the Belt and Road Initiative and the African Continental Free Trade Area.


19 Aug 2021

Polarization and discrimination linked to religion have been increasing in many parts of the world, including on the two shores of the Mediterranean. Against this background, however, seeds of hope have emerged from a number of religious leaders who have called for a new narrative of human fraternity and inclusive citizenship. This report analyzes the opportunities which human fraternity and inclusive citizenship offer for government-religious partnerships aimed at building more inclusive and peaceful societies across both shores of the Mediterranean and puts forward interreligious engagement as a new policy framework that recognizes and amplifies these novel dynamics.


12 Aug 2021

Summary for Policymakers (SPM) This SPM provides a high-level summary of the understanding of the current state of the climate, including how it is changing and the role of human influence, the state of knowledge about possible climate futures, climate information relevant to regions and sectors, and limiting human-induced climate change. Based on scientific understanding, key findings can be formulated as statements of fact or associated with an assessed level of confidence indicated using the IPCC calibrated language.


5 Aug 2021

We need water to survive. But there are significant challenges to our world's water supply. How can we rise to the occasion and make sure that no one goes without? To understand what the future of water management might hold, an influential panel of experts discuss different challenges, opportunities and possible paths ahead. This report is the outcome of those discussions, painting four very different scenarios for the year 2040.


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