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Weekly Security Readings

22 Aug 2019

Russia is widely regarded as one of the major revisionist powers in the world, determined to upend the global liberal order. To be a global power, Russia must become a maritime power as well. Thus, it seeks to gain control in Eurasia and the region between the Black Sea and the Baltic region. The North European Plain and the river Danube hold strategic significance for Russia, the former being a gateway to Europe and the latter the economic lynchpin of 10 important countries. However, the presence of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in the Black Sea and the Baltic states is an impediment to Russia’s plans. This paper analyses Russia’s geopolitical situation and its longstanding conflict with the Western powers.


14 Aug 2019

In order to achieve sustainable development outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), African institutions must be the leading experts on and primary providers of research solutions to local problems. We present for consideration three possible innovative models that can facilitate the emergence of strong Africa-based, Africa-led institutions: a multi-stakeholder funding platform, an integrator organization model, and a scale model.


8 Aug 2019

Africa is more relevant than ever in a constantly evolving global context driven by continuous reconfiguration of geostrategic balances and constant reshuffling of power dynamics. Since the turn of the millennium, Africa has embarked on a process of facing up to its own challenges and taking control of its economic, political and strategic destiny.


1 Aug 2019

Étant donné son abondance de ressources énergétiques et naturelles, le continent africain suscite les convoitises depuis de nombreuses années. Parmi les intéressés, nous retrouvons la Russie qui est, entre autres, l’un des partenaires de longue date de l’Afrique. La présente étude prend pour objet le « retour » de Moscou dans la région. Contrairement aux autres États de la scène internationale, l’argument énergétique ne semble pas guider la stratégie poutinienne en Afrique subsaharienne.




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