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Weekly Security Readings

8 Jul 2020

On 28 March 2019, the Security Council adopted resolution 2462 (2019), which consolidates the Council’s previous resolutions on the counter-financing of terrorism; underscores the central role of the United Nations, in particular the Council, in the fight against terrorism; and calls for new measures directed at preventing and suppressing terrorism financing. The adoption of the resolution reflects the Council’s continued determination to deprive terrorists of funds, other financial assets and economic resources, as well as to deny them access to the financial system and to other economic sectors that are vulnerable to terrorism financing. Based on responses from 112 Member States, the report provides an overview of measures, good practices and challenges encountered by Member States in their implementation of international counter-financing of terrorism standards.


1 Jul 2020

The African Union Agenda 2063 calls for the diversification of sources of growth and sustenance of Africa’s current economic performance, and in the long-run, lifting large sections of our population out of poverty. The STISA-2024 is the first of the ten-year incremental phasing strategies to respond to the demand for science, technology and innovation to impact across critical sectors such as agriculture, energy, environment, health, infrastructure development, mining, security and water among others.


24 Jun 2020

In accordance with General Assembly resolution 70/1, the Secretary-General, in cooperation with the United Nations system, has the honour to transmit the 2020 report on progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. The present report provides a global overview of the current situation of the Goals based on the latest available data on indicators in the global indicator framework.


18 Jun 2020

The risk of a resumption of violence in Africa’s post-conflict countries will be significantly greater if states do not set in place inclusive, youth-focused policies and frameworks during the transition from conflict to peace. National youth policies in states involved in Africa’s Post-Conflict, Reconstruction and Development (PCRD) programmes are fundamental to the achievement of sustainable peace.




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