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Weekly Security Readings

23 Dec 2020

This report is about gender norms – the implicit informal rules about appropriate behaviour for people of different genders – that most people accept and follow. It is about the ways in which gender equality, women’s and girls’ rights, and the norms that shape the ability to claim those rights, have progressed over time. It examines how gender norms have changed in the 25 years since the UN’s Beijing Platform for Action on women’s rights was set out in 1995, and their role in progress and setbacks to achieving these rights.


17 Dec 2020

What is in store for Africa for 2021? The December 2020/January2021 Peace & Security Council Report discusses the following topics: the performance of the PSC in 2020; Dealing with Africa’s elections and crises in 2021; Revisiting the notion of ‘Silencing the Guns’; DRC’s shady political alliance unravels; and in a Reality check, the AU’s limited ability to respond to crises.


10 Dec 2020

This report demonstrates that, beyond the numbers and negotiations, the realization of this promise will depend on decisive actions and the collective efforts of the African people. Concrete policy measures and investments are needed, in particular to ensure that women and youth, who account for the majority of the population, business owners and workforce, can be better integrated into the value chains, jobs and opportunities stemming from the AfCFTA.


3 Dec 2020

Artificial intelligence has an impact on military affairs—much in the same way as it does on people’s day-to-day lives—by providing both opportunities and challenges. At the same time, it could generate not only new humanitarian risks but also strategic ones by lowering the threshold for armed conflict, exposing civilians and civilian objects to further harm, intensifying states’ (in)security and increasing the risk of crisis and conflict escalation.



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