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4 June 2020

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Africa Regional Integration Index Report

AU Commission – UN Economic Commission for Africa - African Development Bank

Why are some countries and regional economic communities more regionally integrated than others? The 2019 Africa Regional Integration Index (ARII) assesses the regional integration status and efforts of countries that are members of the eight regional economic communities recognised by the African Union. Helping to pave the way towards pan-Africanism, this approach helps ARII integrate continental variables such as countries’ pace in ratifying the instruments establishing the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

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COVID-19 and political stability in Ethiopia

Institute for Security Studies -ISS

The coronavirus has struck Ethiopia at a time when the political and security situations in the country are particularly precarious. Sporadic inter-communal and insurgent violence have rocked the country since the new government took office in April 2018. Competing nationalist forces have created a volatile political situation and debilitating internal divisions in the ruling party have contributed to the conflict. The COVID-19 pandemic will undoubtedly have unintended consequences for many important security and political developments in the country.

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L’énergie solaire en Afrique subsaharienne après le COVID-19

Institut Français des Relations Internationales - IFRI

Le manque d’accès à des services énergétiques modernes, notamment électriques, est un frein au développement économique de l’Afrique subsaharienne et donc à la création d’emplois. L’électrification de la région est l’un des grands défis du XXIe siècle. Elle est indispensable pour parvenir à créer chaque année les 20 millions d’emplois nécessaires pour absorber l’accroissement démographique de la région, qui devrait compter 2,1 milliards d’habitants en 2050, contre 1,1 milliard aujourd’hui.

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Shielding elections from presidential influence - Lessons from Cabo Verde, Comoros and Madagascar

Institute for Security Studies -ISS

Cabo Verde and Madagascar require a sitting president seeking re-election to step aside in the run-up to the polls. Electoral observers have found that this little-known practice in the two island nations has helped level the electoral playing field. This report discusses the merits and challenges of the practice. It argues that implementation offers some useful lessons for cases where the abuse of incumbency is a threat to electoral processes.

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A Shallow Flood - The diffusion of heroin in eastern and southern Africa

Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime

The impact of this creeping spread of heroin on regional state development has been significant and, paradoxically, symbiotic. The emerging illicit African drug market environments may represent credible threats to the development and security of the region’s nascent independent state institutions and structures. At the same time, these markets have also presented new and considerable sources of economic livelihood and opportunity for the continent’s ever-expanding population of poor, disenfranchised and vulnerable people.

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A growth strategy for the Israeli economy

The Brookings Institution

Annual economic growth in Israel of 3.5% over the past decade has largely been the result of an increase in employment rates, while the growth rate in productivity has been very low. This paper presents a macroeconomic analysis of the sources of the productivity gap between Israel and a group of seven comparable OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) economies.

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Economic Priorities for a Sustainable Peace Agreement in Yemen

Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies

The sustainability of a peace agreement in Yemen depends on two critical economic issues. First, in a conflict that is largely over access to resources, the issues of distribution, control, and sharing of those resources can make or break peace. Second, where peace agreements lack provisions that create overall economic stability, warfare can resume during the fragile implementation period.

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The impact of COVID-19 on African Oil Sector

African Union - AU

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is bringing unprecedented changes to the world. For African crude oil exporting countries, the expected fall in demand means that exports of crude oil in 2020 will be down by at least 10% on average compared to recent years. Its impact and the necessary response of governments will mean that the next one to two years at least will be very challenging for economic and social development in all countries of the world.

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Global Energy Outlook 2020: Energy Transition or Energy Addition

Resources for the Future - RFF

Global energy consumption has grown rapidly over the past century, driven by an expanding population and increasing prosperity. Demand has risen for virtually all sources—coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear energy, and renewables. In this annual report, we review and compare—on an apples-to-apples basis—recent long-term projections from some of the world’s leading energy institutions.

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From Wuhan to the World: How the Pandemic Will Reshape Geopolitics

International Institute for Strategic Studies - IISS

The extent of what we don’t know about COVID-19 and the future course of the pandemic is as extraordinary as the event itself. This makes for massive uncertainty in forecasting its societal, economic and political consequences. Two further unknowns stand in the way of specifying geopolitical outcomes.

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