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31 October 2019

"This document contains links to articles and/or press agency release from multiple open sources, agencies and academia. The contents, ideas or opinions in the document do not reflect NSD-S HUB or NATO views neither conform to the organization naming convention”



Tribal Dynamics in the Sahel

Policy Center for the New South

The Sahel region’s security challenges are directly influenced by tribalism and ethnic dynamics. In recent decades mistreatment, favouritism, and corruption allowed criminality and multidimensional conflicts to flourish. Lightly governed and poorly secured regions in these countries became more strategic than ever to national, regional, and international actors due to the rise of militancy, criminal activities, and intercommunity violence.

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UN Secretary-General Report on the situation concerning Central African Republic

United Nations Security Council

The present report provides an update on major developments in the Central African Republic since the report of 17 June (S/2019/498) and recommendations on the extension of the mandate of MINUSCA.

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Tunisia’s Presidential Elections: Global Populism Intrudes on the Tunisian Transition

Istituto Affari Internazionali - IAI

In describing the results of the first round of Tunisia’s Presidential elections, many citizens made reference to an ancient Tunisian saying – “Sefserik u Bab 3aliwa” – to express the popular concept that “everyone goes home”. This Paper carries out a brief analysis of the recently General Elections in Tunisia describing the configuration of the new political map in the country.

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Libya and the surrounding area: current situation and need for immediate action

Council of the European Union

Libya is a major transit point for migrants and refugees travelling from different parts of Africa and the Middle East towards Europe, and an important destination country for African migrants looking for work. Conditions for migrants in Libya have deteriorated severely recently due to security concerns related to the conflict and developments in the smuggling and trafficking dynamics and economy, in addition to the worsening situation in the overcrowded detention facilities.

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Challenges to the Energy Transition in the Gulf Countries

Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington

The world of energy is transforming rapidly and advances in technology are changing the traditional models where oil and gas were the main building blocks. This paper is the scene setter for the 2019 Petro Diplomacy conference. For the fifth consecutive year, AGSIW convenes its Petro Diplomacy conference, bringing together private and public sector stakeholders from the United States and the Gulf Arab countries to discuss emerging trends in energy markets and regional politics.

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Getting to a New Iran Deal

Chatham House

This paper assesses the impact of US President Donald Trump’s campaign of ‘maximum pressure’ against Iran, and the potential for future negotiations. It draws on 75 off-the-record interviews with policymakers and analysts in 10 countries (the US, Iran, France, Germany, the UK, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Israel).

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Report of the Secretary-General on Women and Peace and Security

United Nations Security Council  

The present report is submitted pursuant to the presidential statement in which the Security Council requested annual reports on progress, challenges and gaps across all areas of the women and peace and security agenda. The report for 2019 is presented on the eve of many significant benchmarks and anniversaries in 2020, and highlights the 20 years since the adoption of UNSCR which places women’s participation as central to conflict prevention and resolution efforts.

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China's growing role as a security actor in Africa

European Parliament  

China has emerged as an important economic, political but also security actor in Africa. The presence of Chinese citizens and economic assets in Africa has grown substantially due to China's expanding trade with, and China-funded infrastructure projects in, African countries. The rising number of violent attacks against Chinese workers, calls from the domestic Chinese audience for action, and surging economic loss are some of the factors that have compelled the Chinese government to react.

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