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25 November 2021

"This document contains links to articles and/or press agency release from multiple open sources, agencies and academia. The contents, ideas or opinions in the document do not reflect NSD-S HUB or NATO views neither conform to the organization naming convention"


Conflict, Climate and Conservation

The HALO Trust

A key issue that is still missing is a clear understanding of how climate change and biodiversity relate to a third global emergency: conflict. Conflict is typically associated with destruction, displacement and human suffering. And when it comes to climate change, people usually think of CO2 and melting ice caps. But the planetary emergency affects us all, and 20 per cent of the planet's countries are in conflict. We can no longer view conflict and the planetary emergency as separate threats with separate policy responses.



Libyan Civil Society and Youth Programming: Promoting Economic, Political, and Social Integration

Arab Reform Initiative

In the wake of 10 years of conflict, youth in Libya today face unprecedented challenges. On 19 October 2021, the Arab Reform Initiative organized a closed workshop with Libyan civil society actors working for and with youth to explore the various needs and aspirations of youth after 10 years of conflict, and the types of programming that can be envisioned to respond to youth's priorities and ensure their integration.


No peace without youth: Continued calls for change in South Sudan

Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI)

In South Sudan, where 70 percent of the population is below the age of 30, youth have been included in the national dialogue aiming at ending violence and conflict in the country. A year after the dialogue ended, however, youth delegates are still waiting for a breakthrough as violence continues and tension is on the rise. This brief discusses steps towards youth inclusion and lasting peace in the world's newest country.

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Report of the Secretary-General on the Situation in Somalia

United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

The present report provides updates on the implementation of Security Council resolution 2592 (2021) and 2568 (2021), including on the mandates of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) and the United Nations Support Office in Somalia (UNSOS). It covers a political, security and economic overview, the support for peacebuilding and State-building efforts, human rights and protection, the humanitarian situation, and a comprehensive approach to security.


The Eastern Migration Route - From Ethiopia to Saudi Arabia - Risks and humanitarian needs

Assessment Capacities Project (ACAPS)

The Eastern Migration Route is one of the main migration routes globally, running from the Horn of Africa to Saudi Arabia, and it is among the busiest maritime migration routes. This report aims to outline the main risks faced by Ethiopian migrants as they attempt the journey on the Eastern Migration Route towards Saudi Arabia, as well as their critical humanitarian needs.

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Assessing the impact of war in Yemen: Pathways for recovery

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

The protracted conflict in Yemen has led to urgent, widespread humanitarian and development crises and resulted in significant damage to the economy, physical infrastructure, service provision, health, and education systems, as well as social fabric. It has also caused hundreds of thousands of deaths. While many of these are the result of war's direct violence, others are due to the war's indirect effects, including a lack of food and degraded living conditions.

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Focus on hydrogen the new oil in the Middle East?

Clifford Chance

The development of clean energy resources continues to evolve across the Middle East. A region more readily associated with conventional energy resources such as oil and gas, the Middle East also has significant solar and wind energy capacity, with some of the world's largest and cheapest solar and wind projects found in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar. Recognising the potential of clean hydrogen, the region is now looking to diversify its economy through the production of clean hydrogen.



Africa and Europe: building consensus on migration

Institute for Security Studies (ISS)

Promoting lasting relations between Africa and Europe requires mutually beneficial policies and statutes. As a key element of the Africa-European Union strategic partnership, agreement on migration is central to developing a mutually beneficial strategy. Migration policies and approaches such as on labour, remittances, returns and readmissions, and effective international protection measures, should be based on evidence and the achievement of sustainable development.

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Towards Sustainable Ocean Governance: A Call for Blue Climate Action in International Development

German Development Institute (DIE)

The ocean is vital for life on earth and yet it is under serious threat from climate change and resource overexploitation. Environmental change in the ocean significantly undermines human livelihoods, especially in the developing and least developed countries where people are particularly vulnerable to climate change-related losses and damages. This Briefing Paper outlines challenges that people, development cooperation and policy face and suggests ways forward for sustainable ocean governance through sustainable resource use, comprehensive risk management and enhanced climate action.

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African Continental Nuclear Institutions: A Review

South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA)

Nuclear energy is expected to play an increasingly important role in Africa's energy programmes. Currently, South Africa is the only country in Africa with a nuclear power plant, while at least 16 other African countries are also looking to establish nuclear programmes. Egypt has progressed the furthest, having already begun construction on a power plant. This paper reviews African continental nuclear institutions and their legal frameworks.



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