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24 June 2020

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Progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals - Report of the Secretary General

United Nations - UN

In accordance with General Assembly resolution 70/1, the Secretary-General, in cooperation with the United Nations system, has the honour to transmit the 2020 report on progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. The present report provides a global overview of the current situation of the Goals based on the latest available data on indicators in the global indicator framework.

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Meeting the Promise of the 2010 Constitution Devolution, Gender and Equality in Kenya

Chatham House

The 2010 constitution was intended to transform the lives of Kenya’s minorities and marginalized groups, notably women. It enshrined equality in law, and led to the establishment of key institutions aimed at promoting and protecting minorities, particularly women. But 10 years on, women remain significantly marginalized in Kenya.

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Central African Republic Report of the Secretary-General

United Nations - UN

The present report provides an update on major developments in the Central African Republic since the previous report of 14 February 2020 (S/2020/124), including the impact of the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), which was officially declared in the Central African Republic on 14 March.

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COVID-19 in African Cities Impacts Responses and Policies


Africa is also facing the dire consequences of the crisis necessitating timely response, recovery and rebuilding policies and strategies Globally, urban areas are the epicenters of the epidemic accounting for the vast majority of the confirmed COVID 19 cases This report looks at the impacts, responses and policy pathways related to COVID 19 in the context of cities in Africa.

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Assessing Saudi Vision 2030: A 2020 Review

Atlantic Council

An ambitious economic and social reform plan, Saudi Vision 2030, was unveiled in 2016 and designed to reduce the country’s dependence on oil by facilitating the emergence of a robust private sector. Four years after the Saudi reform program was unveiled, this study seeks to take a comprehensive look at the state of the Vision 2030 effort: What were the objectives of its creators, what has happened so far, to what extent are reforms advancing these initial objectives that the Saudi government set for itself, and what changes need to be enacted for reforms to succeed?”

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Public Sector Reform in Iraq

Chatham House

Meaningful reform of Iraq’s public sector is vital if the country is to avert economic ruin. Decades of complacency, corruption and mismanagement have spawned a bloated public sector that is unsustainable and not fit for purpose. As a new prime minister takes the helm, Iraq has an opportunity to chart a different course. Successful public sector reform in Iraq requires a strategy that outlines attainable objectives and specific initiatives to achieve them.

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Aggravating Circumstances How Coronavirus Impacts Human Trafficking

Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime

The coronavirus is not only claiming hundreds of thousands of lives,1 but is also causing a global economic crisis that is expected to rival or exceed that of any recession in the past 150 years. Poverty, lack of social or economic opportunity and limited labour protections are the main root causes and drivers that render people vulnerable or cause them to fall victim to human trafficking. This unprecedented crisis will likely exacerbate all of those factors and result in developments that must be noted by antihuman-trafficking communities and stakeholders.

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A Super Year for Ocean Governance: A Dream Deferred?

South African Institute of International Affairs

The ocean is a key component of the Earth system and is essential for all aspects of human well-being. It produces life-supporting ecosystem services such as oxygen and habitats for abundant marine biodiversity, and supports human livelihoods through the provision of food, mineral and energy resources. 2020 was meant to be a ‘Super Year for the Ocean’, with a series of negotiations and political processes due to take place on ocean governance, climate change, biodiversity and sustainable development. However, the disruption caused by COVID-19 has delayed many global meetings and cast uncertainty over these processes.

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Children and armed conflict Report of the Secretary General

United Nations - UN

The present report, prepared following consultations and covering the period from January to December 2019, is submitted pursuant to Security Council resolution 2427 (2018) and presents trends regarding the impact of armed conflict on children and information on violations committed.

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