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15 April 2021

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MINUSMA Road Map for Mandate Implementation

United Nations

The road map is organized around two phases: the first focuses on the key objectives to be achieved during the current political transition in Mali, which is expected to culminate in national elections; the second includes an outline of the major remaining challenges to be addressed following the completion of the political transition period, to allow MINUSMA to begin planning for a transition of security responsibilities and the progressive transfer of mandated responsibilities to the country team and national stakeholders, on the basis of a capacity mapping.



Financial performance and corporate governance:evidence from national development banks in Africa 


National development banks (NDBs) have huge potential to support their country’s development strategies and the transition to low-carbon, climate-resilient economies. However, a perception of problematic governance and weak performance means that these banks may be overlooked, both in terms of their potential role in supporting national development, and as partners for international development finance institutions, international climate funds, donors and private actors.This perception is especially strong for African NDBs.


Vaccinating Africa: What Governments Can Learn From Rwanda’s Effective Rollout

Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

In a race to save lives and livelihoods, the scientific and medical communities around the world undertook an unprecedented endeavour when they set out to create a safe and effective vaccine for Covid-19. With extraordinary resources and dedication, researchers have produced in a matter of 12 months what normally takes years, if not decades. Moreover, there are not one or two viable vaccines, but nearly ten and counting, three of which have officially received Emergency Use Listing (EUL) from the World Health Organisation (WHO) with others under authorisation in a number of countries. This remarkable feat is laudable and has given the world much-needed hope.



Improving energy efficiency and interconnectivity in Africa through regional economic integration

Centre for the Study of the Economies of Africa (CSEA)

Affordable and efficient energy supply is essential for enhanced welfare and better development outcomes. However, African states suffer from huge deficits in energy generation and distribution, resulting in unreliable power networks, frequent power outages and expensive tariffs. In a bid to improve efficiencies through interconnectivity and reduce energy development challenges at the national level, sub-regional power pooling initiatives have become increasingly popular in Africa.


Tillabéri Region, Niger: Concerning Cycle of Atrocities

Policy Center for the New South

Tillabéri region of Niger is witnessing unprecedented level of ethnic-based violence. The January 2 massacre caught the national and international actors’ attention, however; the event was preventable. Accessing communities through ethnically charged and other exploitative language has proved to be a game changer for the expansion of violent extremist organizations (VEOs) expansion since 2012. The failure of national and international actors to recognize the seriousness of the situation and to react by seeking to ease tensions, to resolve disputes, to protect civilians, and to hold individuals engaging in violence accountable, allowed this tragic event to occur.



Back to Democracy: Europe, hamas and the Palestinian Elections.

European council on Foreign Relations

Palestinian elections are on track to take place during the coming months for the first time in over a decade.The EU and the US have a decisive role to play in ensuring the electoral process succeeds.Within Hamas, moderates have gambled on elections.The EU and the US must: commit to respecting the outcome of the Palestinian elections; persuade Israel to support a free, fair, and inclusive process; and pursue a constructive relationship with any new government that pledges respect for democracy, human rights, and international law.


The Impact of Covid-19 in Water-Stressed Iraq

Water Peace and Security

This brief provides an overview of current trends and developments related to the Covid - 19 pandemic in Iraq and contributes to a broader set of considerations on the need for an integrated approach for addressing water, security and health challenges in the country.




Screening and Selecting Climate Change Impact Parameters as Potential Drivers
of Migration

European Commission

The current report is focused on a technical screening and selecting exercise of climate/weather parameters and indices to be used in a bigger JRC Project on Climate Change Induced Migration (CLICIM). The main aim of the current exercise is to select among several tenths of variables and data sets, the ones that could be potentially influence directly or indirectly drivers of migration.


Keeping the Promise: An Independent Review of the UN's Annual List of Perpetrators of Grave Violations Against Children

Eminent Persons Group

In a series of landmark resolutions starting in 2001, the United Nations Security Council has placed the plight of children affected by conflict squarely on the international agenda. Building on the strong international consensus that children must never be used as soldiers, the Security Council unequivocally condemned a set of serious violations affecting children in war, triggering concrete consequences for perpetrators.


The legacy of Pan-Africanism in African integration today

The Nordic Africa Institute

Pan-Africanism is a movement, an ideology and a geopolitical project for liberating and uniting African people and the African diaspora around the world. Pan-Africanism was a vital force in the decolonisation and liberation struggles of the African continent. Today, some regional integration initiatives are part of the legacy of Pan-Africanism. Nevertheless, a retreat in Pan-Africanist consciousness justifies the on-going reform of the African Union and other related platforms for African regional integration, peace and development.



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