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01 Jun 2022

"This document contains links to articles and/or press agency release from multiple open sources, agencies and academia. The contents, ideas or opinions in the document do not reflect NSD-S HUB or NATO views neither conform to the organization naming convention"


Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

Chatham House

Modern methods of food production are increasingly recognized as a major contributor to global warming, air and water pollution, deforestation, biodiversity loss, soil degradation and the emergence of disease. This paper seeks to clarify the debate around sustainability in agriculture by examining two distinct versions of sustainability. Each is discussed in terms of its clearly defined underpinning assumptions, including the key question of whether large-scale changes in demand towards healthier, less wasteful and more sustainable diets are possible.



Mining and Illicit Trading of Coltan in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Enhancing Africa's Response to Transnational Organised Crime (ENACT)

Mining and the illicit trade in minerals have long been the source of social and environmental upheaval in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and coltan, a mineral essential to modern electronics, has become a particular focus of criminal networks. This study reveals a network of organised crime involved in the production and supply chain of coltan, and its connections to legitimate businesses in advanced economies. It raises awareness of the implications of this illicit trade and suggests multi-stakeholder interventions to prevent criminal networks from operating in the Great Lakes Region.


Easing the Turmoil in the Eastern DR Congo and Great Lakes

International Crisis Group (ICG)

Fighting in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo is intensifying, with Ugandan and Burundian soldiers in pursuit of rebels and Congolese insurgents on the rebound. With help from its allies, Kinshasa should step up diplomacy lest the country become a regional battleground once more. President Félix Tshisekedi has allowed Uganda to deploy troops to fight rebels based in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and is tacitly permitting Burundi do to the same. Rwanda appears to be considering its own incursion in the area. Meanwhile, a Congolese armed group, the M23, is regrouping.

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Republic of Liberia Migration Governance Indicators

International Organization for Migration (IOM)

This Migration Governance Indicators (MGI) profile presents a summary of well-developed areas of migration governance in Liberia as well as areas with potential for further development, as assessed through the MGI. The MGI is a standard set of approximately 90 indicators to assist countries in assessing their migration policies and advance the conversation on what well-governed migration might look like in practice.



A Gateway to Africa? Economic Opportunities in Israel-Morocco Relations

Institute for National Security Studies (INSS)

Since renewing diplomatic relations between Jerusalem and Rabat, the scope of trade indeed has grown between the two countries, but the full potential still has not been realized. How can the economic cooperation be improved, which also entails many policy opportunities for both Israel and Morocco?

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Views A Renewed Call for Indigenous-Led Conflict Resolution in the Arab States

Rowaq Arabi

Much has been said about the "local turn" in peace-building, but the role of diaspora actors in driving conflict resolution efforts remains inadequately examined. How do diaspora actors drive conflict resolution efforts, particularly in the Arab region, where armed conflict persists? This article presents a renewed call for "indigenous-led" conflict resolution, especially following the surge in diaspora numbers with people fleeing war and authoritarian repression over the last decade. 

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Challenging the Europe Africa Partnership on Healthcare: Redressing the Balance

Brussels International Center (BIC)

The Brussels International Center organized a webinar event "Healthcare and Politics in the Europe-Africa Partnership: Improving Policy and Discourse" that brought together policy makers, practitioners, advisors, and NGOs together to discuss some of the key obstacles facing better Europe Africa trans-continental policy and practice while implementing healthcare strategies in African countries.

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Global Impact of War in Ukraine on Food, Energy and Finance Systems


On 14 March 2022, UN Secretary-General António Guterres announced the establishment of a Global Crisis Response Group on Food, Energy and Finance (GCRG) to coordinate the global response to the widespread impacts of the war in Ukraine. Many countries from all the continents will have to face challenges of food security, energy and financing. This brief is the result of the coordinated work of the Global Crisis Response Task Team, reporting to the Steering Committee of the GCRG.

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The Energy Transition Amidst Global Uncertainties: A Focus on Critical Minerals

Policy Center for the New South

Pursuing efforts to decarbonize economies and increase energy systems' resilience is crucial to stay within global warming limits and fight the consequences of climate change, which are becoming increasingly acute. The transition to a net-zero economy will be commodity intensive and require significant quantities of critical minerals, defined as metals and nonmetals essential to high-tech sectors. As the shift to cleaner technologies progresses, supply of critical minerals for the energy transition will be challenged by the needs for large quantities.

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