Weekly Security Readings from 28 March to 03 April 2019

Mar 28, 2019



"This document contains links to articles and/or press agency release from multiple open sources, agencies and academia. The contents, ideas or opinions in the document do not reflect NSD-S HUB or NATO views neither conform to the organization naming convention”






Empowered Decentralization: a City-Based Strategy for Rebuilding Lybia

Brookings Institution 

We propose a new U.S. approach to Libya that centers on the concept of reinvigorated American engagement. 

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Risk & Resilience, Advancing Food and Nutrition Security in Nigeria through Feed the Future 

Center for Strategic and International Studies

This report, examines the risks and opportunities related to implementing the United States govern¬ment’s global hunger and food security initiative in more fragile countries.

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Menara Final Reports


Middle East and North Africa Regional Architecture: Mapping geopolitical shifts, regional order and domestic transformations (MENARA). Imagining Future(s) for the MENA.

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Human Security & Climate Change: Vulnerabilities in the Sahel  


The aim of this brief is to analyse the regional impact of climate change on the different components of human security, by clustering them into three macro dimensions: the environmental, economic and humanitarian dimensions. 
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Challenges Facing the New Government in Lebanon, and Implications for Israel

Institute for National Security Studies

Following nine months of difficult and tiresome negotiations, a new government has been formed in Lebanon that includes 30 ministers: 18 from Hezbollah's relatively united camp, and 12 from Prime Minister Saad Hariri's divided camp. 
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The Division of Ownership and Control in Listed Jordanian Firms

The Economic Research Forum

This study is the first to document in details the ownership and control structures of more than 200 firms listed on the ASE (Amman Stock Exchange) 

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Military Offensive Cyber-Capabilities: Small-State Perspectives

Norwegian Institute of International Affairs [NUPI]

This Policy Brief provides an overview of the military cyber-defence strategies and capabilities of Norway and of the Netherlands. Comparison of the two different approaches offers insights into their differing tactics and future policy directions. 
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Cyber-Telecom Crime Report 2019  

Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3)  

A guide of sorts to help stakeholders in the industry navigate the telecom threat landscape

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