NSD-S Hub G5 force in SAHEL

Mar 9, 2018
The increasing influence of ISIL/DAESH and Al Qaeda-affiliated groups in Africa`s Sahel region and the complex web of transnational criminal networks and militant groups who thrive in an environment of weak states pose a serious threat for both regional and international stability. As a joint effort against the raised levels of insecurity in the region, the G5 Sahel’s State members (Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Niger), backed by France, the African Union`s Peace and Security Council and the UN Security Council, announced officially on 02nd July 2017 the formation of G5 Sahel force ("Force Conjointe" du G5 Sahel – FC-G5S). This initiative can be also considered as an invitation for third parties to "invest" in the regional security. The FC-G5S is supposed to be at the forefront of transnational security efforts in the Sahel region for the near future.

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