NSD-S Hub and Three Stones Intl: Who Funds Instability in Africa Analysis

Jul 25, 2018
Many thanks to the great comments and thoughts from the several different Civil Society, International Organization and Non Governmental Organization representatives on July 17th, 2018. The ability to discuss topics like "Who funds instability in Africa?” will be key to developing the understanding needed for the Hub to be successful. To build our knowledge and strengthen ties with new groups and organizations, it is important that the Hub first CONNECT with stakeholders so we can get to know each other. Web forums like this will give the Hub an ability to reach out into Africa and the Middle East while also giving IOs, NGOs, CSOs, academia and think tanks accesibility to NATO through the Hub. A special thank you as well to our friends at Three Stones International for their advise and continued assistance as the Hub navigates through the unchartered waters of NATO #SoftPower while promoting Article 2 of the Washington Treaty. We hope you enjoy the analysis that was produced from our forum. We also hope you will continue to engage with us as we truly begin to show what the Hub is all about.

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