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Three Stones International

Operational since 2012, Three Stones was established in Rwanda, then Uganda to help support and build the capacity of local organizations.

To better reflect and support our gmdl-gridth and enable expansion into new markets and countries, in 2017, Three Stones International, LLC was registered in the United States as a minority-owned small-business. This new status and name enables us to leverage five years of systems and lessons learned with additional expertise and infrastructure.

With an extensive list of over 30 donors, INGOs and local organization clients, Three Stones has conducted over 60 assessments, evaluations, and social research assignments. To strengthen local capacity and implementation, Three Stones has completed more than 25 strategic and action plans for local and international organizations. We have also helped launch a Virtual Grassroots movement in Africa to help voices of civil society be better heard: Grassroots Virtuality. We have completed work in/for Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Jordan, Mozambique, Rwanda and Uganda.



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