Director's Foreword


Brig. Gen. Ignazio LAX

New HUB Director's address to the Staff and Readers with its Mission and Vision for 2019

It is my honor and privilege to serve as the Director of the NATO Strategic Direction-South, as I assume responsibilities from Brigadier General ANGIUS. His commitment and service NATO and to the nation of Italy are greatly appreciated, and I wish him and his family all the best in their new assignment. In my short time as Director, I have met some outstanding professionals who work tirelessly in providing value-added information and assessments to various military, civilian, and non-governmental organizations. These professionals--both military and civilian--endeavor day-in and day-out to shed light on the distinctive nature of the Hub. During my turnover, it dawned on me that the Hub is truly a unique NATO tool that provides decision-makers with a deep-rooted understanding of North Africa, Pan Sahel and the Middle East--especially from the perspective and the rich history of those who reside in this dynamic region of the world. The Hub team under my leadership and guidance will continue to Connect, Consult, and Coordinate, especially as we attempt to enrich our overall collective understanding and challenges emanating from NATO's "South." I personally look forward to expanding our collaborative efforts, as we maintain our situational awareness through continuous understanding and assessments of the dynamics in the "South." NATO Strategic Direction-South Hub will remain committed to our goal to proactively predict and anticipate challenges, but we will always remain focused on identifying opportunities for the betterment of the citizens that reside in NATO's "South." I am fully confident that our military-civilian team will remain steadfast in our goal to provide value-added information, which will undoubtedly enhance NATO's overall knowledge of this incredibly energetic region of the globe. Although I have only been Director for only a few short weeks, the sense of enthusiasm exhibited by the Hub team makes me optimistic that 2019 will be an exceptionally busy year, but I am poised to seize the new year in our journey to chart new and exciting frontiers!


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