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NSD-S Hub Newsletter AUG-OCT 2019


NSD-S HUB Director
Brigadier General Ignazio LAX, Italian Army 

Director's Foreword

The relatively quiet end-of-summer period, spent with family and friends one hopes, has now passed, and we at the Hub have continued in our endeavors to strengthen our ties with our partners in the South participating in many events in Northern Africa and the Middle East, all to be mentioned in greater detail in the following pages. Having such experienced partners is fundamental to the growth of the Hub and it is my firm wish that co-operation of this kind not only continues, but grows to ever increasing levels so that the goals of long-term peace and stability can be achieved.

Our special thanks go to the Jordanian Peace Operations Training Center for their role in making the 2nd Arab Cultural Awareness Course so successful, particularly in light of the need to familiarize so many new staff members with cultural issues relating to the South from a local perspective.

October saw us further strengthening cooperation with our African and Middle Eastern friends by way of the AU FemWise Workshop. This event, hosted by the Hub, was a three-day, gender-related workshop which ran from 15-18 October at JFC Naples. Although hosted by the Hub, this was a closed event, led by AU FemWise, in which selected representatives from across the African region discussed topics relating to the various roles women play in peacetime, conflict, and post-conflict settings.

On a more personal note, the time has almost come for me to hand over the reins of the Hub. It is with both pride and a touch of sadness that I approach this milestone. I am hugely grateful to the staff which has supported me tirelessly throughout my time as Director. I have no doubt that my successor, Brig. Gen. Davide RE, will ensure the Hub continues with its mission for peace and stability in the South.

Therefore, since this is the last time I will be writing a foreword for the newsletter, I will invite you all one last time to visit the HUB website ( to keep abreast of Hub achievements and those of its partners.


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