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NSD-S HUB Director's address
Brigadier General Ignazio LAX, Italian Army 

As the HUB heads into the spring season, we continue to refine our Comprehensive Approach methodology, which is based on our foundational principle to Connect, Consult and Coordinate in support of NATO's Framework for the South. Our links with various international organizations throughout North Africa, Middle East and the Sahel brings more value-added to NATO—especially as our products and deliverables provide timely analysis and insight to our leaders throughout the NATO enterprise. Although we have made inroads and strides throughout NATO's South, there is still a lot more to do. The HUB's contribution to information sharing and situational awareness is paramount to achieving the Alliance's objective of projecting stability. In fact, during a policy speech by NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, he articulated a very salient point that when our neighbors are stable…we are more secure.

As we celebrate NATO's 70th anniversary this April, we are continuously reminded that NATO must remain agile, flexible and ready to adapt to dynamic and complex global challenges. We cannot under-estimate the complicated nature of some of these threats. The HUB, however, is NATO's innovative tool that will directly assist our decision-makers and leaders to better understand our shared challenges, as well as identify the great opportunities for projecting stability in the South.

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