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I am delighted to introduce this first edition of the HUB Newsletter. We intend to make it a regular publication and to use it to keep you in touch with news and developments which relate to the HUB and its implementation. In this and future editions, we shall be reporting main activities performed by HUB Staff and leadership, activities where the HUB has provided its support, relevant documents flavoring the HUB areas of focus such as cooperation, partnership and engagements.

Whilst the majority of the material in this newsletter is inevitably from the HUB, we are keen to respond to the interests of our readers and look forward to your feedback and comments on this first edition using the contact address at

NSD-S HUB : Mission and Vision

NSD-S HUB : What is it.

The world faces a number of challenges and threats. Although NATO is no stranger to operating in Africa and the Middle East, operating in an area and understanding an area are two separate efforts. The Hub is a key element of developing that understanding

The Hub has been established in order to improve NATO's awareness and understanding of the opportuni-ties and challenges from the South, while contributing to the overall coordination of NATO's activities and efforts.

The first steps in this development will be answering several questions: How will The Hub gather infor-mation? Where will this information come from? How will this information be analyzed? And finally, what do we do with the information after it is analyzed? The answers to these questions all revolve around one thing; relationships. The Hub will develop new relationships with International Organizations and non-NATO entities and strengthen established relationships with key stakeholders that already do great work in the focus areas.


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