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NSD-S Hub Newsletter APR - MAY 2019


NSD-S HUB Director
Brigadier General Ignazio LAX, Italian Army 

Director's Foreword

"As we approach the mid-year mark, we continue to refine the way we Connect, Consult and Coordinate in support of NATO's Framework for the South.  Our links with international organizations, regional Think-Tanks and civil-society stakeholders throughout North Africa, Middle East and the Sahel is growing more and stronger by the day. Our production plan for 2019 is certainly robust in terms of the number of reports, Study Days, Conferences, and Workshops.  However, for the remainder of the 2019 calendar year, I am motivating my HUB staff to "Move Out" and begin to travel and engage more and more with Subject Matter Experts throughout Africa and the Middle East.  Although it's sometimes more convenient to invite experts to our headquarters in Naples, Italy, it is my firm belief and operating philosophy that if the HUB wants to fully understand the challenges and grasp the opportunities emanating from NATO's South, then our HUB personnel need to travel extensively throughout the Middle East and Africa; they need to see the Region from the eyes of those who work and live in the South.  This is the only way the HUB can ultimately provide the adequate level of "so what?" to NATO decision-makers.  The HUB's non-traditional approach directly contributes to information sharing and situational awareness, which is paramount to achieving the Alliance's objective of projecting stability.

As we approach the the first anniversary of our Full Capability, we are continuously reminded that NATO must remain agile, flexible and ready to adapt to dynamic and complex global challenges.  I remind my staff on a regular basis that the HUB was created to provide NATO with a unique and innovative approach in highlighting our shared challenges.  More importantly, however, part of the HUB's core Mission is to strive on a daily basis to positively showcase the vast opportunities for projecting stability in the South.

I hope you will find this issue of our HUB Newsletter interesting and thought-provoking. As always, I invite you to kindly visit our HUB website ( where you will find more articles for your reading pleasure."


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