Director's Foreword

This month we are celebrating the 1st Anniversary of the HUB. It was on 5th September last year that ADM HOWARD- Commander Joint Force Command Naples - together with Ambassador ALVARGONZALEZ – NATO Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs and Security Policy - conducted a successful Ribbon Cutting thus giving birth to the NATO HUB.

This approach was part of a strategy aimed at projecting stability beyond Alliance's borders. A broader and deeper understanding of local dynamics is crucial to ensure the effectiveness of multiple. With this scope in mind we have conducted our first Study Day that, beyond its title and aim, has confirmed and consolidated the HUB project to work and function as a stable platform where NATO partners, non NATO Entities, International Organizations and others can to widely plug in and connect. We are now ready to plan for a second HUB Study Day to further involve Organizations and Partners. The HUB Staff has also recently conducted visits and meetings with the intent to communicate the NATO's will to act as a Soft Power in contributing to understand others' point of view and provide deep analysis.

I am, therefore, highly confident that we are making the mark for a successful future The next step of the second HUB Board in Brussels at NATO HQ will define clear guidance on how to proceed post Full Capability declaration   


Brig. Gen. Roberto ANGIUS

Director NATO HUB for the South


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