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NSD-S HUB newsletter

July 2018

Director's Corner

A very exciting and challenging month has just passed and the NSD-S HUB's growth is evident as never before. New staff have arrived from the Nations' contributions and the overall HUB Team is assuming its final shape as we approach the NATO Summit in July.

The number of activities where HUB Staff have been employed are growing not only in terms of quantity but for the level of quality as well.

The more we proceed on a day by day basis, the better the Staff perform their duties, the more the HUB gains attraction and grip.

We have had the chance to observe the interest from nations and organizations that, simply through someone else's knowledge, have approached the HUB Staff to request information and establish initial links.

It is encouraging that we are stimulating the interest of a greater audience, thus casting a wide network that allows us to conduct more efficient horizon scanning to scope problems and opportunities for recommendations.

As we approach the July NATO summit, we anticipate that we will be declared Fully Capable and are looking forward to increasing our contribution to NATO's under-standing of the problems and opportunities to its south.

That means that we are ready to take on more and fulfill some, if not all, requests to "do more" in the MENA region and beyond it. Our capability to achieve the 3Cs tasks (Connect, Consult, Coordinate) is coming to fruition and is paving the path towards a strategic role of the HUB.

We are working hard to expand our brand identification and are enhancing our use of social media as a tool to build understanding, share information with Subject Matter Experts and extending our knowledge.


Brig. Gen. Roberto ANGIUS

Director NATO HUB for the South


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