Study Day 24 July 2018

Challenges and opportunities of the population growth and demographic change in Africa
Jun 15, 2018
Many African societies are still confronted with challenges that just reflect the continent’s social, historical, political and cultural complexities. Demography-related challenges, populations dynamics, climate change, drought, poor infrastructure continue to limit Africa’s development and increases uncertainty.
In this regard, there is a growing consensus that security problems cannot be understood only from a purely military perspective and, consequently, a human security approach is also needed.
This narrative is enduring. Nevertheless, it could be said that more than often it is a Western dominated view about security and, more importantly, it is a narrative that is missing what Africans think. The international community needs to change this narrative and incorporate in their analysis the African perspective in order to obtain a critical and realistic understanding of Africa’s challenges and opportunities.
This NSD-S HUB Study Day will bring together different experts from different fields and areas to provide their insights. A constructive discussion and innovative thinking will facilitate the development of a broad understanding of the challenges and opportunities in Africa from  the perspective of African experts.
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