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On-line Study Day on "Women´ S role in De-Radicalization and Rehabilitation in the MENA Region"

The Hub organized a study day to discuss best practices regarding women's roles in de-radicalization & rehabilitation in the MENA region.

There has been an increasing awareness of the importance of roles that women play in de-radicalization and rehabilitation programmes both within the public and private spheres. The study day investigated such roles, including the role of women in programmes for returnees, especially women who have participated or supported terrorist violence.

The discussions explored four areas:

  • The roles women have in de-radicalization and rehabilitation.
  • Processes of de-radicalization and reintegration and the impact of gender.
  • In what social domains does de-radicalization and rehabilitation take place.
  • Which areas require and would benefit from greater attention and support.

Watch recording of the study Day:

Read final report

  • Prof. Harmonie TOROS, PhD Kent University
  • Prof. Laura Sabrina MARTUCCI, PhD University of Bari Aldo Moro, UNIBA
  • Amb. Soad SHALABY, Director of Egyptian African Center for Women
  • Prof. Emna JEBLAOUI, PhD University Professor and President of the International Institute in Human Development
  • Prof. Fatima SADIQI Professor, University of Fez, Morocco
  • Prof. Samira EL MASSOUDI, Freelance Consultant
  • Visiting Prof. Zineb BENALLA Alkhawayan, University, Morocco
  • Dr. Chafiaa DJOUADI, Representing FEMWISE (AU)
  • Dr. Ayat J. NASHWAN, Yarmouk University


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