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 The Climate Security-Violent Extremism Nexus in West Africa

Online Event

 The Climate Security-Violent Extremism Nexus in West Africa

 Date: 8th Feb 2024

 Time:  15.00 – 16.00 UTC+2

West Africa has faced many Security challenges since the 1960s not least of which is Climate Security which directly affects the lives and livelihoods of all West Africans. How the rise of Violent Extremism across the region relates to Climate Security is the theme our Southern Talks #5 explores in detail.

The Southern Talks #5 welcomed our esteemed guest, Dr. Ebimboere Seiyefa of Baze University, Nigeria offered her regional perspective on the above topic.  Dr. Seiyefa’s presentation was followed by a Q&A session where those registered were free to participate. 


  • Overview of Violent Extremism in West Africa
  • Climate Change as a Threat Multiplier
  • Impacts on Economic Prosperity and Natural Resources
  • Competition for Resources
  • Livelihood Insecurity 
  • Recruitment
  • Irregular Migration
  • Multilateral Policy Response to Violent Extremism
  • Implications of VEOs in West Africa on Continental and Global Security
  • Looking ahead: a Holistic Framework and Resilience 


Dr. Ebimboere Seiyefa 

Baze University


Dr. Seiyefa is an experienced lecturer in Baze University and was acting Head of the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy. She is the author of “Why Organised Violence Thrives in Nigeria? The Problem of Elite Political Culture”, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Dr. Seiyefa holds a PhD in International Relations and Social Studies from Coventry University. Her recent projects and publications include – “Climate change – the impact on regional security in West Africa”; “Guns for hire: A growing industry of political violence in West Africa”; “Elite political culture and its link to political violence”; and “Governance for security and counterinsurgency in Nigeria”. 


Mr. Conor Gerald Sheedy



Dr. Seiyefa speaks with Mr. Conor Gerald Sheedy from the NATO Strategic Direction-South Hub.

The Southern Talks Webinars focus on the Middle East and Africa and see guest speakers offer a regional perspective on topics such as Conflict resolution & Security, Socio-Economic issues, Terrorism, Technology and Human Security.