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 Energy Security - The Changing Geopolitical Landscape

Online Event

 Energy Security - The Changing Geopolitical Landscape

 Date: 12 July 2023

 Time:  15.00 (UTC +2)

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We are happy to announce The Southern Talks #2 

Giving an in-depth presentation on the topic of Energy Security, we welcome Mr. Miguel A. Cumplido Tercero, Regional Security Officer for Europe at Fomento Construcciones Contratas (FCC).


In the field of Energy Security, things are changing. As the Geopolitical Landscape shifts, the Mediterranean region is particularly affected by energy insecurity. The traditional supply links between Mediterranean countries, developed over recent decades, are being re-drawn by these new dynamics.

From the Energy Industry’s perspective, issues such as new investment priorities regarding energy operations and the effects of divergent energy transition policies are of great importance. It is a time when the primary security threats to the energy industry need to be identified and adequately addressed and, when possible, resilience practices designed to mitigate them.

Talking Points

  • An overview of Geopolitical Energy Security Landscape.
  • Traditional Supply Links between Mediterranean countries.
  • Current Geopolitical Dynamics, particularly in the Mediterranean region. 
  • The Industry’s Perspective on the Changing Landscape, new Investment Priorities and Energy Transition Policies.
  • Security Threats to Facilities and Supply. 
  • Resilience Practices. 

The primary presentation will account for the first 30 minutes of our 1 hour webinar. The remainder will be a Q&A session where those registered can participate.

Keynote Speaker

NSD-S Hub Moderator


Miguel A. Cumplido 

Regional Security Officer for Europe at FCC


Christopher Vast

NATO Strategic Direction-South Hub

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