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Collaborations have been a fundamental part of the NATO Strategic Direction-South Hub (The Hub) since the very beginning - part of our DNA - so every effort is made to increase the number and quality of our collaborations with our peers in the South. Hub activities are geared towards building collaborative and holistic partnerships by connecting allies, partners and non-military entities while establishing networks with the most pertinent academia and regional organizations in the South.

The Policy Center for the New South (PCNS) is a Moroccan think tank based in the city of Rabat. It aims to contribute to the development of improved economic and social public policies, providing a forum for analytical experts. With its primary focus on dialogue and partnership, it seeks to cultivate the African expertise and excellence which is needed for accurate analyses of, and possible solutions to, African and global challenges.
Almost since its inception in 2017, the Hub has had the pleasure of working with PCNS on a number of occasions. We have benefitted immensely from these experiences, growing and learning from. For example, in 2019 Hub representatives attended the African Peace and Security Annual Conference (APSACO) in Rabat, Morocco, one of PCNS's flagship events. Continued work with PCNS, by way of information sharing, participation in webinars and co-developing/publishing research has given the Hub better insights and experience in undertaking collaborative efforts.