NSD-S HUB received the visit of DCAF (Democratic Control of Armed Forces)

Dec 4, 2017

"Under the main goal of  building the Community of Interest network and mechanisms across NATO and outside NATO, NSD-S HUB received the visit of DCAF (Democratic Control of Armed Forces). The HUB director, General Roberto Angius welcomed Mr. Andrea Cellino, Head of North Africa Desk (Operations Middle East and North Africa) for DCAF.

The complexity of the challenges in the Middle East and North Africa regions requires a broader dialogue with international, governmental and non-governmental organizations with interests in this region. DCAF is one of the leading organizations in Security Sector Reform, and has collaborated actively with NATO before. During the meeting the two organizations increased their mutual knowledge and a way forward. This has led to reinforced cooperation and liaison arrangements between the staff of the two organizations.”

May 2019

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